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Purchase Your Team Ticket

After you buy your ticket you’ll receive an onboarding email with instructions and your starting coordinates.

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Gather at the Starting Coordinates

Make sure everybody shows up on time. You don't want to have to catch your friends up mid-tour. We're looking at you, Dustin (…everybody has a "Dustin")!

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Register Your Team

Register your teammates and choose a captain. Everyone can follow along on their phones, but the captain is responsible for reading questions to the group and inputing the final answer.

"O Captain, My Captain!”

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Get After It

It’s go time! Follow the clues, answer the questions, explore the city and enjoy the drinks. Take as long as you want—there’s no time limit. All we ask is that you have fun every step of the way! 

Plan for about 4 hours and 2 miles of walking.

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See How You Stack Up

Brews & Clues is about having fun and enjoying everything the city has to offer. But what good is a competition without a winner?

When you finish your tour you'll unlock the Brews & Clues leaderboard and see how you stack up against other teams. 




What are you waiting for?