Brews & Clues began as an idea over beers during a scavenger hunt by two brothers—Evan Wondolowski and Jason Zelesky. Combining their love of beer, travel, trivia, and history they set out to create the perfect experience to bring friends and family together.

Evan is an illustrator, artist, and graphic designer and Jason is a bar trivia junky and former English major who loves to write. What started as a crazy idea three beers deep has slowly come into focus. Brews & Clues is now available in five cities, and the brothers plan to launch an additional five tours before the end of 2019.  

We build tours in our favorite cities and include only the best bars in town. Our goal is to build an experience that we think shows off the best a city has to offer using some of the best pubs and bars to guide you along the way.

We hope you have as much fun on our tours as we had making them for you.


Jason & Evan


Shoot us an email if you know a city (or bar) that deserves to be on a tour. We’d love to hear from you!